January 14th, 2019

Jeffrey Sachs on The Openist – Podcast of Democracy Cafe/Socrates Cafe

Jeffrey Sachs is a leading crusader to make ours a globally sustainable planet, and as a consequence, eradicate the extreme poverty that exists in a world of abundance. The world-renowned economist, senior United Nations advisor, prolific bestselling author, shares with me in our latest edition of The Openist his fervent belief that what the world needs now, and in a big way, is the widespread practice of an Aristotelian virtue ethics based on what the Greeks of old called arete — all-around excellence in which duty to self and to others goes hand in glove. As Dr. Sachs eloquently puts it, only when we come to see one another, regardless of our social and economic station, as equally human and equally deserving of living a richly meaningful life imbued with social conscience, can we become committed to realizing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals crafted by world leaders in 2015 at a special United Nations summit (see: http://jeffreysachs.center/sdg ). If you do listen in to this episode of The Openist, I warn you — Dr. Sachs’ palpable zeal and compelling evidence-based assertions for making a reality out of this noblest of causes are contagious, and you will not emerged unscathed, in the best sense.

Listen to the full podcast at The Openist here.


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