November 28th, 2018

‘Roles of government, businesses critical for well-being of citizens’

Governments and companies both play important roles in improving the well-being of citizens, said renowned academics on Wednesday, the second day of the sixth OECD World Forum that kicked off under the theme of the future of well-being.

Jeffrey D. Sachs, a professor of economics at Columbia University, said that to improve the well-being of people, trust between the government and society should be rebuilt.

“As the world is facing many challenges, such as environmental harms, risks of wars and nuclear disasters, we need our government to function,” said Sachs during his keynote address.

“Many of our governments are not trustworthy. Every day comes with new scandals, more evidence of massive corruption and evidence of murder by governments. This is a worldwide phenomenon,” he added…

Read the full article by Shin Ji-hye from the Korea Herald here.


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