October 4th, 2018

An excerpt from ‘A New Foreign Policy’

Sustainable Development

Donald  Trump’s  “America  First”  foreign  policy  represents  a new  and  vulgar  strain  of  American  exceptionalism.  It  proudly proclaims  its  intention  to  maintain  U.S.  military  dominance as  the  core  pillar  of  U.S.  foreign  policy.  Trump’s  National Security  Strategy uses  the  term  “overmatch”  to  signify  this military dominance, stating that the U.S. must “restore  the  readiness  of  our  forces  for  major  war,  and  grow the  size  of  the  force  so  that  it  is  capable  of  operating  at sufficient  scale  and  for  ample  duration  to  win  across  a  range of  scenarios.”

Read the rest from the Morning Joe staff at MSNBC here.


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