June 30th, 2018

On ‘Laudato si’

ROME – … Through his work with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Sachs was a critical player in helping craft Laudato si’, Francis’s 2015 encyclical calling for greater care for creation, and today he’s a leading champion of the document on the global stage.

Sachs was recently in Rome for meetings of the Pontifical Academy and spoke with Crux on the third anniversary of the encyclical’s release, which he believes remains a clarion call for change from policymakers and powerbrokers all the way down to everyday Catholics in the pews.

Crux: You’ve consulted on a number of papal documents, both under St. Pope John Paul II and now Francis. How was the process for Laudato si’ different than previous experiences? 

Sachs: Each time that I’ve participated, it’s been a very serious and impressive process. In Centesimus Annus [Pope John Paul II’s 1991 encyclical on Catholic social teaching] advisory preparation they called in many economists from around the world for input and a very considered process with a long discussion with Pope John Paul II.

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