June 28th, 2018

Jeffrey Sachs is Upset

… Techonomy founder David Kirkpatrick sat down with Sachs in March 2018 in his New York apartment for a wide-ranging conversation about how tech could bolster progress towards the global goals for 2030, and the role of business. He is a scathing critic of those who do not take these goals seriously and is willing to embrace radical new methods in order to tackle some of the world’s previously intractable problems. Sachs is University Professor at Columbia University and directs the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia’s Earth Institute. He is author of many influential books including 2005’s The End of Poverty and the recent The Age of Sustainable Development.

Techonomy: How would you assess progress towards the SDGs?

Sachs: Well, we’re not directed enough or focused enough to actually achieve these goals, and that’s quite frightening because these goals are not a luxury. They are a need for humanity. The SDGs are about reorienting the way a vast and increasingly dangerous world economy operates. It’s creating inequalities of wealth and poverty that are astounding and dangerous for our democracy in the United States, and dangerous for the world. And it is relentlessly destroying the environment through global warming and the loss of biodiversity.

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