April 18th, 2018

UK regulators would be wise to block Fox bid

Economics & Politics

Published in Financial Times.

Letters to the Editor

Despite the pleading by Gerson Zweifach, group general counsel of 21st Century Fox, UK regulators would be ill-advised to agree to Fox’s bid for Sky News (“Fox’s bid for Sky deserves a swift and fair decision,” April 17). Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has had several notorious brushes with the law in the UK and the US.

Fox News’ latest impropriety involves commentator Sean Hannity, who railed on air against the FBI raid on President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, without disclosing that Mr Hannity was a client of Mr Cohen. True to form, the Fox management showed insufficient interest in the matter. We should be spared any increased anguish from Mr Murdoch and his minions.

Jeffrey D Sachs
Columbia University, New York, US


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