September 19th, 2016

Apple’s $14.5 BillIon In Back Taxes Should Belong To The U.S.—But We Didn’t Want To Take It

The recent European Commission order to Ireland to collect $14.5 billion in back taxes from Apple Inc. has led to outcries from AppleIreland, and theUnited States government. Apple, of course, defends its aggressive tax avoidance schemes. Ireland defends its tax-haven status. And the U.S. government claims the money may actually be owed to the U.S. rather than EU. The truth is that the United States left the $14.5 billion on the sidewalk, inviting Europe to swoop in and pick it up. It’s time to end the U.S. corruption and incompetence that transfers U.S. taxpayer dollars to the rest of the world.

Read the full article at Fast Company.


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