January 18th, 2015

The real climate battle after a sweltering 2014

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The announcement that last year was the warmest on record puts another nail in the coffin of climate denial. Not that one was needed. The pseudo-debate about climate science has always been about politics, not science.

There are two main sources of climate denial. The first is libertarian ideology, which opposes government more than climate change. Climate change requires public policy, and for libertarians, that’s enough to declare it false. Since libertarianism is the elixir of financiers and wealthy peers, climate denial haunts Wall Street, the City of London, a surprising number of FT readers, and the House of Lords.

The real climate fight, however, is not about ideology, which is more hobby than vocation. The real climate fight is between oil giants like ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Koch Industries, and the general public. The oil companies will suffer massive capital losses when climate controls are finally instituted. Perhaps even libertarians can appreciate that the real battle is therefore over money, lots of it, and the corruption of government by that big money.

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