June 3rd, 2014

Kudos to the White House and EPA on the New Climate Regulations

Climate Change & Environment

Kudos to President Obama and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on a true breakthrough in climate policy yesterday! The newly proposed EPA rules on CO2 emissions from power plants represent a breakthrough not only in the US Government ambition to halt climate change, but also a breakthrough in the methods used to do so. The EPA rules will be attacked, both as too much and too little. I will say up front that indeed much more needs to be done. Yet it is a day for celebrating a significant watershed in US policy.

Let me state three key points to begin. First, the dangers from human-induced climate change are real and the climate science is sound. Deniers will probably shriek in the coming days, yet their scientific credibility is now nearly zero and sinking fast. With another record heat year or two the climate deniers would then crawl back into their caves, or more likely into their air-conditioned offices on Madison Avenue where they are paid very big bucks by the Koch Brothers to confuse the public on this vital issue.

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