June 9th, 2014

Interview with UNCCD News

Climate Change & Environment

Sustainable Development

How much significance do you attach to ecosystem-based adaptation, also in comparison to other climate change adaptation measures?

The concept of an ecosystem is that life depends on complex, systematic interactions across species and between living organisms and the physical environment. When these interactions are disrupted, for example, by removing water from the ecosystem, or by adding an invasive species, the results can be massive disruption and even collapse of the ecosystem. Land can become degraded and unusable; farm productivity can collapse; hazards like flooding can become unmanageable. Such disruptions can result from things like pollution, over-hunting of species, human destruction of habitat (e.g. deforestation), changing temperature and rainfall patterns resulting from human-induced climate change, invasive species, and the emergence or introduction of new pathogens. Humanity itself is now the key author of many such disruptions in ecosystems around the world.

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