October 22nd, 2013

Q&A on recent trends in fight against poverty

By Tom Paulson

It is probably not an exaggeration to say that Columbia University economist Jeff Sachs has done as much as anyone over the past few decades to draw public, and policy maker, attention to the plight of those who live in extreme poverty around the world. Sachs literally wrote the book on how to end poverty. As a numbers guy, he helped transform the idea of ‘ending poverty’ from a dreamy notion sung by Bono and Geldof into a real strategic vision. It is also not a stretch to say that Sachs has become a target of fierce criticism. Some of his critics simply seem to dislike foreign aid; others say his approach is all wrong. What’s clear to Humanosphere is that Sachs has long been a proponent of foreign aid, of the rich world’s moral obligation (and potential benefits) to helping the global poor and of the power of specific interventions for reducing poverty and suffering. Humanosphere thinks ideas matter and wanted to explore the history of this besieged economist’s big ideas…

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