June 7th, 2013

Book Review: The Spectator on ‘To Move the World’

After years trying to work out how under-performing economies can reach their full potential, [Jeffrey Sachs] has taken time out to offer an act of homage to his childhood hero — John F. Kennedy. And he has singled out one of JFK’s speeches for particular praise…
The true masterpiece, he believes, was a speech delivered to the American University in Washington DC in June 1963 and generally referred to as the Peace Speech. Sachs has come up with an argument making the case that the Peace Speech deserves wider recognition.

Why then does Sachs see the Peace Speech as so important? As he convincingly argues, it is all about context. Before the speech, he says, both sides had unrelentingly used Cold War rhetoric. In the last year of his life, emboldened by his success in defusing the Cuban missile crisis, JFK handled issues of international security with a new confidence and in a new way.

Sachs makes his case…

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