March 22nd, 2012

Yoweri K. Musveni, President of Uganda

“I write to you… to nominate Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs for the position of President of the World Bank… It is my great pleasure to support Professor Sachs, given his long-standing leadership for the Millennium Development Goals, the fight against poverty and for the economic development of Africa. Professor Sachs is very well suited to lead the World Bank at this juncture, so that the institution can take another step towards realizing its ultimate mission of “a world without poverty.”  This is an era when expertise in critical areas, such as veterinary care, agriculture, public health, environment, information technology and infrastructure are paramount for Africa’s successful economic development. Leaders in Africa and the rest of the Developing World would like to see the World Bank led by an individual with broad-based expertise in these areas, combined with practical experience and moral commitment. Professor Sachs fulfills those qualifications and, therefore, has my support and I believe, the support of many leaders around the world.”

–Yoweri K. Musveni, President, Uganda


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