March 12th, 2012

World Bank: Drastic Reformer Needed to Right a Failing Agenda

By , AIDS and Human Rights Activist

The blogsophere and Washington rumor-mill are working overtime right now on the question of who might be the next president of the World Bank — whispers, rumors, and what the AFP just called a “brewing battle!” Will it be failed-Harvard President Larry Summers reborn yet again? Crusading economist Jeff Sachs? Hillary Clinton or John Kerry?

The Bank, which this year will distribute somewhere around $26 billion in mostly-loan funding, has a huge footprint in international development. But the model of the bank, while it’s arguably improved some in recent years, is still deeply flawed from the perspective of those of us who care about global health and pro-people policies. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise for an institution that’s been run for decades by American Wall Street types and politicians.

Whomever is going to run the World Bank next should pledge some dramatic changes — changes that might actually bring the Bank in line with its proclaimed mission of ending global poverty. And they should be held to account in actually enacting the reforms, not just paying lip service. Here’s a few…

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