March 6th, 2012

Strong support building in Latin America

Support builds for Sachs World Bank bid

Economist Jeffrey Sachs’ hopes of becoming the next president of the World Bank received a boost this weekend as more Latin nations threw their weight behind his candidacy

The bid by Jeffrey Sachs to capture the presidency of the World Bank appeared to be generating a groundswell of support in Latin America last night after three more countries lent their support to his bid.

Explicit backing by Chile and Colombia and strongly-worded support by Mexico came a day after Emerging Markets revealed that Uruguay was backing Sachs, who set out his agenda in an exclusive interview in this newspaper. Haiti is already backing him.

The finance minister of Mexico, which holds the chair of the Group of 20 rich and emerging nations, said it viewed Sach’s surprise self-nomination for the post “quite positively”.

“We are closely watching this process,” said Jose Antonio Meade. “We think Jeffrey Sachs, who is a prestigious economist and knows Latin America well, has made important contributions, and we view his interest quite positively.”

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