March 17th, 2012

Sachs sets out agenda to reform ‘haphazard’ World Bank

By Phil Thornton and Thierry Ogier

Economist Jeffrey Sachs last night laid out his credentials to take over the reins at the World Bank, in an exclusive interview with Emerging Markets, as Uruguay threw its weight behind his candidacy.

Sachs, head of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and a long-time debt and poverty campaigner, said he was optimistic he would garner support from Latin America in coming days.

In a wide-ranging interview he set out his platform for reform of the institution he said was “a bit adrift and spread very thin” and operated “haphazard” programmes.

“I do expect support coming from throughout the region,” he said. “I have spoken to a number of governments that have expressed support already.”

He said he knew the region well, describing it as containing “pockets of deprivation” as well as middle income countries that display economic “dynamism”.

“The challenge is to be able to continue to prosper in what will be tougher and tougher global climatic conditions and sustainability is the one of the paramount issues I would work with governments in the region.”…

Read full article in Emerging Markets.



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