March 23rd, 2012

Prof Sachs strongly supports Dr Jim Kim and expresses gratitude to world leaders and all supporters

This morning President Barack Obama nominated Dr. Jim Kim for the Presidency of the World Bank.  I support this nomination 100 percent, with my complete enthusiasm.  Dr. Kim is an outstanding development leader, one of the great public health specialists of our age.  He will make a historic contribution to the fight against poverty, hunger, and disease.  He is exactly the kind of professional needed at the helm of the World Bank. I strongly commend President Obama for this selection.

I am grateful for your support during my brief candidacy for this position.  My campaign was launched to promote a core idea: that the World Bank can be a great development institution, and that to accomplish this, it should be led by a true development professional, with the expertise and lifetime commitment and experience to get that accomplished.  This campaign, joined by all of us, has succeeded today.  The US nomination is a superb candidate who deserves the world’s wholehearted support, and who will make great contributions in the years ahead.

Once again, please accept my gratitude to you for your warmth, personal support, and commitment to the cause of ending poverty.  We have all won today, with the World Bank helm given, for the first time in the Bank’s history, to a world-class development leader.


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