March 20th, 2012

Kwabena Duffour, Minister for Finance and Economic Planning of Ghana

“I am writing… to nominate Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs for the Presidency of the World Bank…. Professor Sachs has worked closely with the government of Ghana for many years to support our development efforts. In 2012 he was appointed Special Advisor on Economic Development and Transformation to President Mills. In this capacity, he advises on Ghana’s rapid sustainable development, including the utilization of Ghana’s new loan from the China Development Bank and the successful implementation of the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) initiative, which aims to close the development gap between the North and South. In January 2012 he opened a new Millennium Village as part of the SADA initiative and the Millennium Villages Project (MVP), which has pioneered an effective integrated rural development strategy across Africa. The project is partnering with the University for Development Studies, an example of the MVP’s integration of local partnership and knowledge and capacity-building. The MVP, which Professor Sachs directs, has been working in Ghana since 2006 when the Bonsaaso Millennium Village was launched. Professor Sachs and his team are also doing extraordinary work in Kumasi and Accra through the Millennium Cities Initiative, which encourages economic and social development through research and initiatives including infrastructure development and gender-focused programs. His many levels of advising and work are extremely helpful and appreciated by our entire government and by the people of Ghana.”

–Kwabena Duffour, Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Ghana


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