March 16th, 2012

Jeffrey Sachs Wants To Be World Bank President, And He’s Helping It Already

By Mark Gongloff

Jeffrey Sachs would like to be your World Bank president.

It’s probably not going to happen, for better or worse. But simply by asking for the job, Sachs has already done the World Bank a service.

That’s because his campaign is throwing a little light on a cloistered selection process badly in need of reform, with big consequences for millions of people, and for U.S. national security.

“This is not a game, this fight against poverty and the challenges of sustainability,” Sachs told The Huffington Post in an interview this week. “Places are descending into violence and conflict, and the U.S. is pulled into these conflicts. But they cannot be solved without sustained development.”

Running for the World Bank is simply not done in public. It’s typically a matter decided quietly by the White House, which then presents its choice to the World Bank Board of Directors for a thorough rubber-stamping…

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