March 12th, 2012

Jeff Sachs is After a Better World Bank and Just Might Succeed

By  Tom Buerkle

Look at most major development issues over the past 30 years, and chances are Jeffrey Sachs has been in the thick of the action. The Columbia University economist crafted a plan that enabled Bolivia to end hyperinflation in 1985, preached “shock therapy” to governments in Poland and Russia in the early ‘90s to hasten their transition from communism to capitalism, and has pioneered efforts in the past decade to help African countries meet the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals for ending extreme poverty.

Now Sachs wants to take his campaign to a new level — as president of the World Bank. Earlier this month the 58-year-old economist single-handedly declared his candidacy for the post being vacated by Robert Zoelleck. He says it’s time a real development expert — not another banker or politician who would need months to get up to speed on the issues — ran the big multilateral lender.

“My life’s work is fighting poverty,” Sachs tells Institutional Investor

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