March 8th, 2012

Emilia Pires, Minister of Finance of Timor-Leste

“I have the honor to nominate Prof. Jeffrey Sachs to be the next President of the World Bank… no one can deny that Professor Sachs creates an inclusive dialogue in all the countries and States he visits, from the Head of State level to the people on the ground suffering from the effects of poverty, war and external shocks like climate change and global economic crises. His knowledge and understanding of our on-the-ground challenges are well above those who compete to serve for this position. Professor Sachs has a well-documented record of walking with us, planning with us and supporting us in tailor made solutions for our nations to eradicate poverty, stop conflict and create sustainable and viable institutions to serve our People. He leads by listening, manages by engaging, and is well-known for his tireless and relentless work as an advocate and a champion of the very reason the World Bank was established for: working for a world free of poverty.”

“Professor Sachs is considered in the development world a visionary. He is not afraid of innovating, or trialing what has not been done to achieve what had yet to be achieved. While attracting many critics along the way, professor Sachs can receive that criticism because unlike his critics, he takes action where actions needs to be taken. And I firmly believe that it is only through action that lessons are learned.”

“We, whom live in challenging and complex situations of conflict-afflicted States, are yearning to see more action and even more creativity, innovation or invention in the way these issues are currently being addressed. It is high time that the World Bank puts in a leader who is a visionary, whose life’s work has been firmly placed at the forefront of reducing poverty, and who can claim successes in tackling the challenges for we, the nations, who most need the World Bank systems.”

“I believe that putting Professor Sachs at the helm of the World Bank will usher in a new and unique perspective that will allow the institution to reclaim some its lost glory, allow for a new culture to form, shaped by compassion and a deeper understanding of the People it aims to serve. His presence in the institution will also signal the start of an engaging era for the Bank, where vast gaps in knowledge, experience including power among those who ultimately need to work together will be harnessed and brought together to help make credible solutions. Being a development practitioner and a conversant on the issues of poverty and other social issues, I firmly believe that Professor Sachs will be a great asset to the institution, building the bridge between the experts who study development and those of us that practice development in-country, daily. His comprehensive understanding and creative approach to social issues, including his advocacy on the need for tailored rather than off-the-shelf solutions to problems are, to me, the traits required of a President of the World Bank at a time when daunting poverty, hunger, disease and environmental degradation engulfs many countries, including those within our block of fragile and post-conflict nations.”

–Emilia Pires, Minister of Finance, Timor-Leste


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