March 4th, 2012

Celebrity Economist Jeffrey Sachs Bids to Head World Bank

Leading the crusade against global poverty in 2012 might seem a thankless task, as austerity-racked taxpayers in the west lose sympathy with needy foreigners and China bestrides Africa brandishing its chequebook.

But Jeffrey Sachs, the US celebrity economist, has already put his hat in the ring for the soon-to-be-vacant post of president of the World Bank – and he’s enthusiastic about the challenge.

“This is potentially a time of remarkable breakthroughs in development,” he says. “We’re seeing so many demonstrations and so many success stories. There are clusters of knowhow and technology that are extremely powerful.”

As one example, he says new developments in healthcare mean that “we are on the edge, if we manage and implement it properly, of a tremendous decline in infant, child and maternal mortality”…

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