March 21st, 2012

Carlos Borjas Castejón, Minister of Finance for Honduras

“I am writing… to nominate Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs for the Presidency of the World Bank… We acknowledge Professor Sachs´ leading advisory to two Secretaries General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-Moon, on the Millennium Development Goals.  In this context, we have seen how he has led teams of hundreds of development leaders around the world to create practical pathways towards the MDGs.  Many of his ideas have been incorporated in the policies of the IMF, World Bank, UN agencies, multilateral development banks, and national governments; thus, impacting on the lives of the poorest.  For these efforts and contributions, he is a recognized and trusted interlocutor to dozens of heads of state around the world.”

–Carlos Borjas Castejón, Minister of Finance, Honduras


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