April 11th, 2008

Common Wealth, by Jeffrey Sachs: review

By Diane Coyle, The Independent

In the early pages of his new book on “economics for a crowded planet”, Jeffrey Sachs makes the point that the challenges he is addressing don’t conform to the neat theories and divisions of academic research. What’s more, they vary in important detail from place to place. Tackling the linked scourges of global poverty and environmental disaster will depend on pragmatic, inter-disciplinary solutions to specific problems. This “new approach to development practice” is now the consensus among serious economists in development economics, which for many decades was an ideologically-riven battleground of competing theories.

It is a paradox of this book, though, that most of it is devoted to the highest level of generalities. Professor Sachs aims to set out the principles by which humanity as a whole can end poverty and hunger, and save the planet. His prescription combines…

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